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T.I.T.S. is an independent performance group that explores the possibilities of hybrid theater forms, blending choreography, play, sound, visual imagery, and body physicality. Artistic leader Nela H. Kornetová initiates most of the projects with her international team of collaborators, with themes that audiences from all walks of life can relate to instinctively.

Between 2019 - 2022 Kornetová was awarded Arbeidsstipend for Performing Artists in Norway. In 2020 and 2022, she was repeatedly nominated for the Thalia Award for Best Actor in the Alternative Theater category. She won in 2022. The Divadelní Noviny Awards 2020 nominated Kornetová & T.I.T.S. in the categories Dance and Physical Theater for the production of the year for "Tumor: Carcinogenic Romance" and in the Alternative Theater for the performance "Badman". She received the prize for the "Badman".

T.I.T.S. founded the group in 2013 when they devised “Trumpets in the Sky”, a performance about the anticipation of apocalypse as a metaphor for anxiety. Subsequent performances include “My Own Private Picture” (2015), exploring personal desires and pornographic media imagery; the audiovisual dance performance “Forced Beauty” (2016), which investigates power structures and society´s fascination with violence; “Mine” (2017), a physical operetta examining the human need to possess “Cult of Busy” (2018), a satirical work about a fictional religious community worshipping busy-ness; and the performative installation “un:tit:led” (2018), focused on the themes of uncertainty and unpredictability;
Recent projects highly valued by both critical and general audiences include “Tumor: Carcinogenic Romance” (2019) about the search for love and peace with a deadly disease, mixing text, choreography, sound, and visual art; “Badman” (2020) an audiovisual physical performance about masculinity and its power, reclaimed and twisted by a single female performer; hypnotic dance performance “Dreamers” (2020) which is dealing with the digestion of reality in a form of dream fiction; “Tumor: Polyamor” (2022), expanding the metaphor of living with cancer and being in a relationship, this time about living in ethical nonmonogamous relationship and cancer and its metastasis; and together with “Direct Action Theatre” they created a dance performance “Serve and Protect, Episode one: We Fight” that explores the themes of war, uniformity, and crowd brutality. And finally “Dave&Golly, a tale of virtual loneliness” (2023) - an audiovisual solo performance in which T.I.T.S. are staging a play written by Serge Ernandez, exploring the impact of social media, the 24-hour news cycle, and the internet, on the human psyche.

To date, T.I.T.S. have presented their work at multiple venues and festivals in Norway, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czechia, and South Korea. Currently, Kornetová and her colleagues are preparing the US premiere of “Dave&Golly” in La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. Further, a dance piece about the breath and the fall of the human empire “There is Something in the Air” and the final part of the trilogy about love and cancer “Tumor: Oh God” with expected premieres between 2024-2025.


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