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“We get lost in an image, we are an image and at the same time we take pleasure in it.” (P. Verhaeghe)

“DREAMERS” by T.I.T.S. is an audiovisual physical performance dealing with the digestion of reality in a form of dream fiction. The audience is welcomed in our hypnotic sensorial universe and can experience our attempt towards a collective dream. The aim is to bring the pleasure back through material generated by instant need, radical care, and acute interests.


Nela H. Kornetová /director, choreographer/
MartinTalaga /performer
Kristína Chmelíková /performer and production/
Karel Šimek /light design/
Bear and the Lilly /music/

Producent: Zahrada - Centrum Nezávislej Kultúry
Support: Fond na podporu umenia, Město Banská Bystrica

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