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Our computers and phones, our movies, our social and sex lives run faster than ever before. Our world is becoming a giant Ant City: Building, running, moving things. We are quick-reflexed, multitasking, channel-flipping, fast-forwarding species. Human beings are becoming “human doings”. Life is busy. Busy is life. We are alive.
“Cult of Busy” is a visual physical performance reflecting our experience of being busy which seems to be our favourite activity or state of mind. The performance group T.I.T.S. welcomes the audience to a mass in the fictional religious community.


Concept: Nela H. Kornetová (CZ/NO)

Performers: Anders Firing Aardal (NO), Katrine Leth Nielsen (DK), Tobias Shaw Petersen (DK) & Nela H. Kornetová

Scenography, light & video design: Jan Hajdelak Husták (CZ/NO)

Scenography assistants: Heidi Dalene (NO), Felipe Osorio Guzmán (CO), Nicholas Zöckler (DE)

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