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Human beings are becoming “human doings”. Our computers and phones, our movies, our social and sex lives run faster than ever before. Our world is becoming a giant Ant City: Building, running, moving things. We are quick-reflexed, multitasking, channel-flipping, fast-forwarding species. Life is busy. Busy is life. We are alive.

“Cult of Busy” is an audiovisual physical performance reflecting our experience of being busy. T.I.T.S. invites the audience to a mass of the fictional religious community. The performance further explores how the virtual world and mobile phones impact our thinking and experiences. While there is a full show happening in front of the audiences eyes, at the same time the performers engage with them in live online conversation. The viewers need to negotiate their own attention while being drawn into action here and now both in the real and the virtual world.


Concept: Nela H. Kornetová (CZ/NO)

Performers: Anders Firing Aardal (NO), Katrine Leth Nielsen (DK), Tobias Shaw Petersen (DK) & Nela H. Kornetová

Scenography, light & video design: Jan Hajdelak Husták (CZ/NO)

Scenography assistants: Heidi Dalene (NO), Felipe Osorio Guzmán (CO), Nicholas Zöckler (DE)

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