T.I.T.S. & WWW Neurobeat presents...

T.I.T.S. proudly presents another collaboration with WWW Neaurobeat. Jan Hajdelak Husták created new video for song Krevní  oběh (Blood Stream). The visuals and the content is inspired by our theater performance "Tumor: carcinogenic romance" from 2019.
Check out the song with subtitles and the music group here:

WWW Neurobeat - Krevní oběh
If you are curious about our previous collaboration, check the video here:
WWW Neurobeat - Stát (Official Video)


director, DP, edit: Jan HAJDELAK Husták
dramaturgy: Nela H. Kornetová
visual is inspired by a theatre performance: TUMOR - carcinogenic romance by T.I.T.S.


by WWW Neurobeat - Krevní oběh
produced by: Ondřej Anděra
Text: Lubomír Typlt
Vocals: Ondřej Anděra, Milesa Zrnić Anděra
Mix & Master: Tomáš Sochůrek
label: BiggBoss
thanks: Aleš Víšek, Stefan Motika
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